About the Morris Plains Museum

Museum Mission Statement

The Morris Plains Museum connects the past to the present and makes vibrant history tangible, relevant and meaningful for today's community and for generations to come.


The Morris Plains Museum Association was founded by Borough Historian Muriel Rennie on September 24, 1972.


The Association as defined in the certificate of incorporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the collection , storage, preservation and display of items relevant to the history of the Borough of Morris Plains.


The Museum was first located in a room on the second floor of the Morris Plains Library. Here, Miss Rennie and her staff started recording and displaying items of local history.


Through their efforts we have a wonderful collection of pictures, maps, documents and artifacts. Miss Rennie died in 1992.

Daniel B. Myers was appointed Borough Historian. Under new leadership the Museum expanded to a second room with a storage area on the second floor.


On May 1, 2005, the Museum moved to its present location. in the lower level of the Community Center at 51 Jim Fear Drive, Morris Plains.
The Museum now has a great facility to fulfill the purpose set forth in the certification of incorporation granted to the Museum by the State of New Jersey.

Influencial persons

Julia Beers

Julia Beers 1862-1955

The town's first librarian, Julia wrote a history of early Morris Plains that was first published in 1993 by the Morris Plains Museum.

Mary Brynes

Mary Byrnes 1912-1994

Mary assisted Muriel Rennie for many years in organizing, researching and preserving the Morris Plains Museum's growing collection.

Muriel Rennie

Muriel Rennie 1913-1992

Muriel became the first Town Historian in 1954 and founded the Morris Plains Museum on the second floor of the library.


Board Members

Veronica Kelly - President

Nancy Mirabelle - Vice President

Jean Johnson - Secretary

Daniel B. Myers - Treasurer and Borough Historian

Maryclare Myers - Assistant Historian



Michael Carlucci

Suzanne McCluskey

Michelle Schulz