The Permanent Collection of the Morris Plains Museum on Display

Homer Davenport

Homer Davenport
Homer Davenport

Homer Davenport was a famous political cartoonist and author who moved to Morris Plains in the early 1900s. He is credited with Teddy Roosevelt's election and the importation of Arabian horses into the United States. Museum holdings include:

  • Original Davenport Drawings
  • Davenport Books
  • Photos of Davenport, his family, and his horses

Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan Roberts
Jonathan Roberts

Successful New York businessman who moved to Morris Plains in the late 1800s. He established what is now the Morris Plains Library. He purchased the Stiles property in 1867. Jonathan Roberts was an original member of the Washington Association which was formed to acquire and preserve Washington’s Headquarters at the Ford Mansion. It was chartered by the NJ Legislature in 1874. The Ford Mansion was turned over to the US Government in 1933 when Congress made it the first National Historic Park. Museum holdings include:

  • Books
  • Family photographs
  • Business letters
  • History of Morris Plains Library

Native Americans

Lenni Lenape tribe populated the Morris Plains area prior to the arrival of European settlers. Museum holdings include:

  • Spearheads
  • Tools
  • Lenape language book

Monahan's Band

Local band started by blacksmith Lawrence Monahan. Museum holdings include:

  • Original instruments used by the band
  • Sheet music for songs performed by the band
  • Band uniform
  • Photographs
  • Items created in the blacksmith shop

Morris Plains Fire Department

Formed in 1907 following a fire in 1906 that destroyed the Weise Hotel and two adjacent stores. Museum holdings include:

  • Uniform
  • Fire uniform and equipment
  • Photographs

Daniel Merchant

Morris Plains businessman, first mayor, distributor of The Farmer's Alamac ( 1907- 1933) Museum holdings include:

  • Copies of the Farmer's Almanac
  • Photographs
  • Artifacts from his store

Morris Plains Homes

Numerous pictures showing the transformation of Morris Plains from a farming community to a retreat for wealthy families to modern day suburban borough. Museum holdings include:

  • Photographs of existing and demolished mansions
  • Photographs of mansions destroyed by fire

Early Maps

  • Morris County
  • Morris Plains