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We invite you to unlock more than 300 years of history!

Our Mission Statement:

The Morris Plains Museum connects the past to the present and makes vibrant history tangible, relevant and meaningful for today's community and for generations to come.


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Museum Info


The Museum is open 10:00am - 1:00 pm on the Third Saturday of each month, or by appointment.
The Museum is located at 51 Jim Fear Drive in the lower level of the Community Center, rear entrance.

Special Exhibits

Alongside the permanent collection the Museum also hosts a series of temporary special exhibits on topics that are of interest to the residents of the borough.

Permanent Collection

The Morris Plains Museum offers visitors a wide variety of objects to browse and learn about, each of which is a product of Morris Plains' long history.

Memories of Morris Plains

Interview with Mrs. W. Cutler

Interview with Mrs. W. Cutler by Alexander B. Fowler – 1950 This is Alexander B. Fowler of Boonton, New Jersey, conducting an interview in the interest of the Morris County Historical Society.  Today, January 28, […]

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Interview with Gerry Coursen

Interview with Jerry Coursen by Peg Kenny Adams – 1976 I went to the local grammar school where the fire house is.  That was the fire house at that time was demolished later on.  From […]

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Memory of John Lookhoff

Memory of John Lookhoff as relayed to Borough Historian Dan Myers in 2007. If we go back up to Jacqui Avenue to the railroad station, the freight station.  Now that freight station years ago when […]

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